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This far north-east corner of Syria is a distant governorate stretching from the Tigris River to the Euphrates River. It is distinguished by its fertile lands, plentiful water, picturesque nature, many important archaeological sites and more than one hundred historical tals (hills). The most famous are:


Tal Halaf: Where excavations have revealed successive civilization levels and beautiful basalt sculptures.
Tal Brak: Which is situated halfway between al-Hasakeh city and the frontier twon of al-Qamishli.
Excavations in the tal have revealed the Uyun Temple and King Naram Sin palace.

Tal Hittin: Where 15 civilization layers have been identified.

Tal Lilan: where excavations have begun in 1975 and have revealed many findings dating back to the 6th millennium b.C. such as the Bazaar, the Temple, the Palace… etc.
It is well known that the banks of al-Khabour River, which flows through al-Hasakeh for 440 km, witnessed the birth of the earliest civilization of the world.