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It is the center of the town, it is /100/ km from Damascus. The origin of the word is Kanaani it is mentioned by Thutmose ((1490-1436)) B.C. It is written in Hieroglyphic tablets as ((Atharaa)).

It was mentioned also in the Old Testament as ((Idraai)) while the Arab geographers called it ((Athraat)). Many vestiges can be found in town such as the cave and ancient dwellings.

The roman amphitheater, the remnants of some roman baths, an old rail ways "Hijaz railway". The old Omari mosque that has a special importance in mosques architecture during the Omayad and Ayoubi periods.
Daraa occupies “Strategical, Tourist, Historical” consequence.
It occupies an area of about (3730) square km. Its population reaches up to thousand inhabitants.